Frequently Asked Questions


What are Invites?

- An invitation from local merchants to visit and enjoy offered Deals.

- A Great way to get “Value for money” and to discover businesses in your neighborhood.

- Just think how much you can save each day; you’ll be surprised how much saving’s it will add up to.

- Make your best attempts to get value for your money. Before you pay for your next auto service or haircut/waxing or Gym signup/trainer or spend money on food/drinks check each time you go for your wallet.


How do I use my Invites?

The merchant extends an invitation to the users of

View Real-time Deals - Redeem at Merchant - No pre-payment required.


I don’t see my city in the drop down “select your location”?

Currently is covering Northern California cities, will gradually expand to all of California. Our goal is to cover all US cities by early 2016.


What is the difference between Invites and Deals?

No difference, businesses Invite you to visit them and enjoy their Deals.


What does “No Credit Card Required” mean?

No onsite purchase required, just print or get the Invite Voucher via email and redeem it at the merchant. Restrictions may apply, check the Fine Print.


I cannot buy Deals on site?

No Deals to buy onsite, No pre-payment required, just use the voucher and pay the merchant directly.


I don’t see the View button on Deals?

Just click anywhere on the Deal box to view the Invite details.


What is “Invite your friends”, how does it work?

You have to Sign up to send Referral Invitations to your friends.


How do I Sign-Up, what are the benefits of signing up?

- Click Sign-up on top right, fill your name, email and create a password.

- You can refer friends by clicking “Invite a friend”.

- You can get the "Invite Voucher" to your email in-box.

- You will receive two emails a week, with great Deals happening in your area.

- You will get exclusive offers e.g., loyalty programs offered by Merchants, extra discounts and more.

- Some "Extreme Value" short lived awesome Deals are sent via email alerts for your specific location that you choose at sign-up.


What are Deals of the Day and Extreme Value?

These are categories, to quickly get Deals that are hugely discounted and are time sensitive.


Why are discounts offered in my location not as much as others?

Deals can vary from market to market, depending on a number of factors. A few listed below:

Geographic location, population, per capita income, city culture, competition.

 Quality of Deals may depend on;

- Depending on how hungry the Merchant is to get new customers.

- Merchant has expanded capacity and need more customers.

- Competition from other businesses in that area.

- Merchant has introduced new products or it’s a new business.

- Business wants to liquidate inventory.

- Smart businesses want to optimize their capacity by offering enticing deals to attract customers.

- Discounts offered to fill in “Off peak hours”.

- Merchant promotions for Advertisement and Brand building.


How many Deal Vouchers can I use?

- You can use as many Deals as you want, check the fine print for restrictions.

- Check for Deals in all categories, you might find many deals you could save on.

- Inform your friends, family and co-workers of Deals.


Why InviteDeals?

Why pay full price, when you can get it for less, it’s your hard earned money, money saved is money earned.


Do Invites Have Expiration Dates?
Yes, All Invites have an expiration date.


What if the merchant does not honor the offered Deal?

If you have issues claiming a valid Deals Voucher, let us know, we will work to make you and merchant happy.


Can You Use More Than One Invite at a Time?
No, Check the fine print for conditions and limitations of your Invite.

Invites are limited to one per person while supplies last and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Prior to ordering, you must present the Invite, which may be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the merchant.


Do You Have to Use the Whole Voucher on One Visit?
Yes, each Deal specifies terms that are required in order to use the voucher. e.g., $35 minimum purchase, to get 40% off.


Is InviteDeals a Coupons company?

No, although InviteDeals promotes value like coupons.

- Merchants have versatile ways to offer Deals, unlike coupons.

- InviteDeals is a real-time "deal engine" offering robust tools, features & attributes to execute merchandising.

- InviteDeals provides merchants the flexibility to offer customized Invites.

- Merchants can provide descriptive information about the business and products they offer.

- Merchants can post their business/product pictures or a video and menu/rate card.

- InviteDeals are location specific, by local merchants in your neighborhood.

- Franchisees can offer Invites for specific store locations.

- InviteDeals are time sensitive, real-time offers, can be limited to a specific time of the day or day of the week or ongoing, till discontinued.

- InviteDeals offers could be for “walk-in”, “by appointments only” or “reservation required”.


How do I find valuable Deals and I don’t want to miss the Extreme value deals that are offered for a very short time?

You can browse to find the deals you are looking for. Deals are updated daily as new Deals come in.

You might consider signing up for our email newsletter because many times some awesome Deals are sent via email alerts for the specific location that you choose upon sign-up.


When are the best months for discount shopping?

Every day of the month/year is a good time for discount shopping with


What is Merchant Sign Up/Merchant Center?

This is for merchants who would like to promote their business, advertise and run Deals. is offering One year free Membership.


What is Business Center?

This is for businesses who would like to place ads and have their brand featured.