How it Works

We deliver compelling, cost-effective marketing solutions to small and large businesses and provide them with the tools and technology to deliver an affordable way to extend their marketing reach to acquire local customers. 


Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Merchant FAQ for information on how it works.

What we do for our Consumers?

Get Realtime Deals → Redeem at Merchant → No PrePayment Required

InviteDeals is an easy way to get 'value for money' for goods and services, while discovering new businesses and exciting events happening in their neighborhood.

Customers have no stress of prepayment, buying Deals and forgetting to use, expiring vouchers or struggling for refund - With InviteDeals, there are no Invite vouchers to buy online! InviteDeals simplifies bargain hunting… simply present the Invite printout or on your Smartphone at the Merchant and enjoy the discount!

If you like our Invite, share it with your family, friends, colleagues, and others. Use social media to advocate and promote our Invites.


What we do for our Merchants?

We believe one of the primary challenges local Businesses are facing is the inefficient and limited number of ways they are able to market offers and promotions to their potential customers.
Existing deal companies typically dictate offer terms & take away a major chunk of their potential profits. InviteDeals provides a cost-effective model for business to grow, easily scale traffic and revenue as an when they need.
Virtually No cost to Businesses to run Invites, No revenue sharing or waiting to get paid, they have the flexibility to offer as many deals on different products they like to promote at No extra cost. NO price cutting, as all the discounts go directly to their customers.